Monday, August 1, 2011

Phone Drop Pt. 3 - Jax Zoo, Carrie's Birthday & some randoms!

Okay, I think this is the last one!

Jacksonville Zoo!!!

Ali is STOKED! And Maddox is definitely speaking Parseltongue!

They came RIGHT UP TO US!! They were so beautiful!!!!

It's hard to remember to take pictures when you're trying to show your 3 year old EVERY cool thing in a zoo. ;] haha

Carrie's Birthday!
We went to Senor Sol.. always a good idea. :D

LOL @ Carrie's "I have food in my mouth so I can't smile... I'll just look shocked instead" face

Party hat & dessert!

aaaaand the randoms:

lol.. drunk mirror shots after the bachelorette party

My mom & I before the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 midnight showing!

Oh yeah!! Casey's dress hanging in our hotel room! I was so effing nervous!!!

ER visit the day after the wedding. :[ He had a really bad virus that was affecting his eyes also.. so weird. But we were out of town.. so ER it is. He was so funny with the doctor though! The doc asked him what was wrong and he said "um.. my eyes.. they kinda got GOO in it"

A project I'm working on that will go in our bedroom over our bed! I got the idea from The Boo and the Boy!

Tommy & Maddox at Ashlyn's birthday party!

His first Power Ranger.. he is obsessed! And we made a Humpty Dumpty!Also, I really need to invest in like 10 of these Spiderman shirts.. he refuses to sleep in anything else.

I saved this crazy guy!! Well, I rolled him over when he was on his back.

My sweet, sweet boy. ♥

Definitely too damn ADD to make this yarn-wrapped M.

Water fight with the neighbors!

We miss Ali!!


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ginny I love all your photos! You got some pretty amazing shots of the animals!

haha drunken photos are always the much fun seeing exactly what you took pictures of the next day

So sorry to hear about your little guy ending up in the ER :-( Hope he is doing better.

a said...

Ali misses you :( WAAAAAAH.