Monday, August 1, 2011

Phone Drop Pt. 2 - Wedding Extravaganza Weekend!

Casey & Seth's wedding weekend was ridiculous. I may have overindulged... Maddox was at my mom's house for the first party night! Oops! Guess I just can't party anymore. haha.

Friday - Monday.. just crazy. I could have used a week long nap afterwards. I'm old. :D

Reunited and it feels so gooooooood! :D This is my best friend on the planet. Her name is Ali & New York is stupid far away from Georgia. So lame.

Riding the bus!! & the happy couple... I promise Seth doesn't always look miserably drunk. HA!

I adore Allen!!

I ♥ that shirt.

April's pretty & Galen's a creep!!

Cookies at the rehearsal dinner! ha!

Right before Maddox got sick!

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl!! ♥

Still SO bummed that we didn't go on the cruise afterwards!! Oh well, responsible money decisions are never fun!!!
Anyway, my baby sister is a married woman now!!!! OMG!


a said...

I love you guysssss. and I look terrified in that picture of me and galen. but I promise i <3 him. AND YOUUU

jenamendola said...

when i first read the last sentence i thought it said 'and my baby sitter is a married'