Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I was in elementary / middle / most of high school, we lived in a tiny little town near Albany, GA called Leesburg. Apparently it has grown a LOT since I lived there.. they have TWO red lights now! hahaha. I was in 10th grade when they got the first. We also got a Hardee's that year. It was obviously a very big year.

Anyway, there was this place about half an hour away in Cordele called Stripling's General Store. I can't even tell yall how AMAZING this place was. They have all kinds of homemade jellies, hot sauces, cheeses, & fresh meat... little home decorations such as, oh you know, GATOR HEADS and things like that.
But most importantly we would drive all the way there and immediately back JUST for their beef jerky. I shit you not, it is the best beef jerky EVER. EVER. EVER.

It may not look like much, but it's a sneaky little bastard. You'll wanna slap ya mama & move to Georgia just to be close to this little patch of heaven.

And today it was brought to my attention that THEY WILL SHIP IT TO YOU.


My life just got 1000000000000000x more amazing. So tomorrow we are ordering hot, mild & original beef jerky from ♥Striplings♥. I am the happiest girl alive right now.


Sharde said...

well thank you for the notice and i'm definitely interested! lol :) so have you started cosmetology school yet?! i want to hear all about it! :) i have loved hair school and now that i'm working in a salon i'm loving it even more!

the style projects

Young People in Love said...

bahahaha this post cracked me up! amazing :)

i'll def. be following this awesomeness.


Bufferkiller said...

I need this meat inside of me!