Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekly Loves!

1. Casas por Cristo

This is my mom's BFF's daughter, Aimee. She works for Casas por Cristo building homes for impoverished families in Juarez, Mexico (one of the most dangerous cities in the world). Due to lack of funds, her internship was cancelled. BUT she is going down there with them anyway with 3 other team members.. and they are raising the money on their own. The homes cost $5000 each to build & she is working on raising a goal of $35,000 total. Any little bit helps!!!

If any of you would like to donate:

To Donate Online:
(1) go to the website.
(2) click on the “Give” button located on the left-hand bar
(3) In the Program area, select TRIP PAYMENT
(4) type “Intern Build” into the comments section (this ensures their group receives these funds).
(5) enter your desired donation amount.

To Donate by Mail: Send a check to:
Casas Por Cristo
PO Box 97170
El Paso, TX 79997

2. This yarn ball mobile from Spearmint Baby:

My brain is going 90 mph with all the different things you could use this idea for!

3. ImagineNations

So dreamy :D

4. This super cutie jewelry holder idea from Polka Dots are Love:

Those frames aren't always easy to find though. I'm going to have to hunt a little harder. ;]

5. Embroidery hoop pin boards / decorations / art:


Oh So Lovely

6. One of my very favorite babies!!!

I love him!!!!!!!!!!!

7. RED RED RED hair!

I'm still loving having dark hair for the first time in YEARS.. but maybe red next??? I've never even thought about going all or mostly red until recently!

8. Words With Friends

I'm still new to having a phone that not only isn't super outdated BUT UM.. it's freaking R2-D2. So anyway, I gave in and started playing. I'm obsessed.
PLAY ME: ginnysaurusrex
I haven't beaten anyone yet! So bear with me. haha!


janea said...

wahhhh i love everything posted ITT

I LOVE those frame jewelry holders. sometimes if you get a mirror at the goodwill you can just remove the mirror part and still have that cardboard backing. i have really good luck finding them at garage sales and goodwills. i have lots of framed "art" i keep meaning to repurpose. since i'll be unemployed in a few weeks (FINALLY) maybe i'll have time for projects! yay!

uninvit3dgu3st said...

Those are some awfully handsome menz you have up in hurr. ;)

Bright, bright red is my next serious consideration since I don't see electric blue happening any time soon. Although I DID promise myself that it would be some time before I turn 30...

I'll at least help spread the word on Casas por Cristo.

ginnysaurusrex said...

Janea: I have terrible luck at Goodwill it seems! I really NEED to go in one day without Maddox running around so I can really pay attention and search! I'll def check out the mirrors. I didn't really think about that!

Shy - Let's go ginger together!