Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd Birthday Planning!

Maddox is almost THREE. I can't even believe it. It is blowing my mind.

I've been planning a jungle theme birthday party & I finally got the invitations printed out today. I'll be sending them out tomorrow! So many of his/our friends are far away now, but luckily we live in a neighborhood with a TON of kids. I'm sure we'll have stragglers showing up for cake & ice cream since we are having the majority of the party at the playground picnic tables. Gotta buy extra!

Money is super tight so I'll be decorating as cheaply as possible. I'll probably be making a ton of construction paper chain & paper bag 'vines'.

And I'll be making the pinata!

I found a pretty nice tutorial here.

They'll be spending most of the time at the playground anyway BUT I'm going to attempt to get them to all play a few games. :] Wish me luck.

I bought a few things for his birthday today. Some bubbles & pool toys and these:
I'm so excited! I hope he loves them as much as I did growing up.. and still do. I read mine until they fell completely apart.

I also want to get him either an easel or a play kitchen. And new drums of course. Oy.

Oh! And let's hope the Easter Bunny stops by our house tonight!! Maddox ran from me on the sidewalk today in our complex. MAMA. WAS. NOT. HAPPY.
So we'll see if he still shows up... ;)


Anonymous said...

Time flew! He's getting more and more awesome though.

When I first read to Xekan from "Where the Sidewalk Ends" he giggled as if he was being tickled.

aprildawn said...

I'm so excited to come see ya'll at Maddox's birthday party!!! I cannot believe he is 3 already. Can't believe it. I love your DIY party stuff...especially the pinata! That's awesome!!! Love you!!!

Claire said...

I love DIY party things!
This site is great for tutorials!