Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's summer, where you are, summer, i'm in love :]

I haven't gotten too much done today because Maddox & I slept in & then we played hard allll day. :D I love days like this.

It was HOT HOT HOT today but Maddox was flipping out and wanted to play outside sooooo we did. I went to wash off his Cozy Coupe before he got in it to make sure there were no wasp incidents this time & then decided that we just needed to play in the water.. fully dressed. lol. I spent about an hour spraying Maddox [and myself] with the hose. He loved it. No need to pull out and scrub down the plastic pool.. we can just use the hose. hahaha.
Then we made a mud hole & Maddox spent forever covering himself in mud.

Then I realized that the grapes are starting to ripen!! So we picked the few ripe grapes off the vines. :]

They're so goooooood. They don't taste like store bought grapes though and that's what Maddox has been used to so he doesn't seem too sure about them yet. And the tough skin kind of turns him off I think.

I finally got him to come back in because it started clouding up and thundering. Took a quick bath & then a wave of nostalgia must have hit me because I had the urge to listen to The Juliana Theory. Sooooo we had a dance party. ;D
I texted Casey, Jen, Clista & Carol [I would have texted Ali if she weren't in freaking Finland right now] because HI. MEMORIES.
I miss these kids:

I miss road trips to shows & ending up several states away because we kept wanting to see JUST ONE MORE SHOW. I miss REAL pictures of memories that you can actually hold instead of looking at on a computer screen. I miss falling in love every month.. or every week. lol. I miss "THE MAGIC". hahaha. Inside joke? Yep.
Womp. Yep I'm having a nostalgia attack and it's not even autumn yet.

I think I'll go listen to Vendetta Red or something now. :D


jenamendola said...

idk why im not following this blog... but i am SO glad that i made this post so hard. Tuesday night- you will relive this stuff!!!


ginnysaurusrex said...

OMG YAY!! No one reads this crap anymore! haha I'm glad you read it! :D I can't WAIT for Tuesday. <3 Bailey can't come because he has to work but whatever. I'll be there. Love you bb.

janea said...

LIES! i read it too :P

alison said...

I alwaaaays read it. I love you so <3 I miss spending weeks that turned into months with you <3 soaifhaiosfhoiaf

aprildawn said...

I read it toooo!!!!!