Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cruel summer

Went to the new park today. We were probably only there for about 30 minutes because it was so hot AND Maddox tried to run out of the fence and in front of a car.
I seriously almost had a fucking heart attack. And then I was so shaken up and scolded him and told him that now we had to leave. Got home, had popsicles & now he is passed out.

I'm thinking about napping with him but there is so much to do around the house after having company all weekend & then a lazy, lazy, LAZY Monday.. and then being gone most of the day yesterday. Our Lazy Monday was so nice though. We never get to have those. We spent the day playing with Maddox, watching Strangers With Candy, drinking Bloody Marys & eating Dominos. lol.
I want another day like that.

I also want the temperature to drop even just 10 degrees. PLEASE.

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