Tuesday, July 13, 2010

..a month later..

It's been a while! Things have been crazy for the past month.

We went to Ohio for the 4th as usual. SO much fun with all the Rutledges! And they all love having Maddox around so much so it's definitely nice having all those extra hands around. :] It was a pretty relaxing trip for us which is rare. We drove straight through on the way there.. all 12 hours & Maddox was so good the whole time! He got cranky towards the end. We had to get gas one more time & I got him out of the car to change him & walk around in the grass a little bit & he was so upset when we put him back in the car. It was so sad! But overall, it was a pleasant trip up.

We went down to the street fair in Granville. It was HOT so we didn't stay more than an hour or so. There were a couple of rides that Maddox could have gotten on but he was terrified of all of them, so we only got on the carousel. He still didn't seem too pleased with it & he cheered when it ended. LOL.

We went to Buckeye Lake for the fireworks & did Pizza Cottage. Sooooo good as always. Bailey played golf with the guys one day & Leda kept Maddox while Bonnie, Alison, Lindsay & I went into Columbus for a couple of hours. I didn't get to see any friends in Columbus though because it was a really short trip.

And of course one night all of the cousins went out drinking at Brews & Steve kept Maddox. Galen turned 21 this year so this was the first time ALL of the cousins were able to go. We were all hot messes that night. hahaha. Wow.

the sun was too bright for a proper smile! haha

Lindsay, us & Alison


"To the Rutledges.. CLOSE.. but not TOO close"......"Just close enough!!!"

Oh cool. My eyes are closed.

This past weekend Melissa, Dharma & Ryan came down Friday night and stayed until Monday. :] I actually haven't seen any of them since we moved from Atlanta almost 2 years ago. Holy crap.
We went to Jekyll Island Saturday & spent the day at the beach. Our actual beach time was cut a little short due to a pretty nasty looking storm creeping up on us. But before we left the island I took them to see Driftwood Beach. Stunning as always. I loooove Driftwood. I always take a million pictures every single time I go. No telling how many I have total. lol.
Sunday we were going to go into Savannah to take the kids to the park or something but we decided to stay in town & instead we snuck into the pool at Bailey's work. HAHA. Keepin it classy. ;] Another damn storm cut that short too. Oh, hurricane season in Georgia, you are very annoying.

Lissa Loo, Maddox & Dharma :]


Flying Maddox's Spiderman kite for the first time :]

Bailey & Maddox

Me lookin roughhhh, Maddox looking precious as always

Driftwood Beach


Today I found a new public playground in town so I think we're going to check that out tomorrow. Maddox has been all off his schedule since Ohio. We all have. :/ But I'm hoping to get there before it's too terribly hot tomorrow. Wish me luck. haha.

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