Thursday, May 20, 2010

mmm fajitas

It's what's for dinner! ;]
I went through all of our pots & pans today to decide which ones were keepers and which ones we can get rid of to make room for the beautiful new cook set we received as a wedding gift from the Ohio Rutledges. :D And while I was digging through them I found the cast iron fajita skillet that I bought around Christmastime and completely forgot about! We seasoned it & then put it away & forgot it existed. haha. So I'll be putting that to use tonite finally! I've never made fajitas before soooo I hope they turn out alright. :D

Maddox was pretty happy having all of the pots & pans out on the floor. :] They ended up taking up half my kitchen floor, my stove & part of the bookcase!

ALSO!!! Look what lives at our house now!!!
And Aunt Pam came over and worked on it a bit:
Isn't it beauuuuuuuuutiful?? It was my grandmother's and it's from the 1950's. *SQUEE*
It's totally metal and they do NOT make them like they used to, that's for damn sure. I'm so so so excited to learn to sew on a machine! :D My mind has been going 90 to nothing thinking about all the things I could be able to make! SO STOKED.

And nowwwwww.. since Maddox is napping.. I think I may join him for a bit. ;]

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janea said...

haaayyyy im making fajitas for dinner too!