Thursday, May 27, 2010

i am a wanderlust king.

I have been listening to so much Gogol Bordello lately.. probably because I made Bailey watch Everything Is Illuminated the other night.. and I have a huge forever-crush on Eugene Hutz. But damn. So good. And I am pleased to announce that Maddox likes them. :D

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hi there. i love you.


I have been spending a lot of time with April lately. I've enjoyed it a lot even though the circumstances suck. :[ I've missed her.

Maddox is getting sick. He has a really terrible hollow cough that started last night so I knew it was coming. Poor baby. He woke up from his nap because he was coughing. No fever or anything though as of yet. I hate when he's sick.


Poor him, just pissed off all the time lately. LOL.

I got bored yesterday and watched some tutorials on YouTube about how to do pin up hair. Haha. And then I spent about 5 minutes on my first attempt.

My bathroom is so messy. But anyway, not so bad for my first try. I think I could make it look a lot better. :] It was fun.

Off to play with trains with Maddox!

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