Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Etsy Uno!

This is a cute little game that I saw on The Curious Pug that SHE got from Bitty Bird & I couldn't resist!

Here's how it goes:
"The prompt is SNOWFLAKES. Pick any Etsy listed item that matches the theme. Pick another item that has something in common with the first (color? shape? use you imagination!). The third item has something in common with the second item, the fourth has something in common with the third... and so on. Pick between 5-10 items, link back to the sellers on Etsy so we can show them love! Blog your choices and join the linky party at Bitty Bird."

Here's what I came up with:


Rolled paper snowflake ornament from Quilly Nilly

which led to:

Orchid colored

Ruffle blanket from IzzysAttic

and so on and so forth:


Grey shrug ruffled lace cardigan from MIRIMIRIFASHION

Grey Lace

Charcoal grey lace crystal headband from StitchFromTheHeart

Headband.. of course.. how could I resist?

Bow headband from sunshineandcarousels

Purple Suede

Purple suede bracelet from Justlena


Turquoise leather wrap bracelet / necklace from CrystalFascination


Gold & turquoise heart necklace from shirazpeled

Gold Leaf

Gold leaf bone earrings from tawdryhellburn


Carved bone feather ring from MonPetitVintage

That was fun! Can't wait to do the next one!

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...sarah. said...

Thanks for joining in my game, Ginny! I love the heart necklace best... it is soooo pretty. Come play again next week! ;)