Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I did my friend Jenine's nails the other day!

Pretty stoked on my nail pen. :D

So I'm finally off of the super low-cal phase of my diet. I've lost 17 lbs! Now I just have to work on keeping it off (even though I want to eat every french fry in the city) & hopefully losing some more. I did have a burrito and several margaritas last night though at Casey's birthday dinner! It was glooooooorious.

These two lovebirds will be getting married in TWO WEEKS!

I learned to cross-stitch! I mean, I've only made one thing.. a tiny Lightning McQueen for Maddox's room. :] BUT I'm starting on some bookmarks tonight!
I also made some Thank You cards & Casey's birthday card & they turned out pretty cute imo:

Maddox has been at his grandma's house since Friday & we are so pathetic without him here. haha. I got excited about a little mini vacation and then the day before he was leaving I got so bummed. And after he left, Bailey and I moped around the house all night. Wow. I MISS HIM!

LOL @ my mom

Maddox is a Power Ranger! (and check out our 22 year old TV.. pretty bad ass huh? haha)

Maddox got a haircut & wanted the pink car!

I can't waaaaait to have him back tomorrow!!!! I miss my little Flaerf!!!

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