Monday, June 20, 2011

Phone Drop!

Father's Day was really nice. The Simersons came to visit for the weekend so Jenine, Oliver, Maddox and I all made the dad's gifts together. The kids got sleepy not too long after starting the crafts (we had a lonnnnng day and got started late) so Jenine & I ended up staying up late finishing them by ourselves. haha.
This morning we got up & made breakfast: (Muffin pan).. We lined the muffin cups with bacon, put seasoned potatoes in the bottom, cracked an egg into each cup & ended up topping each one with cheese. They were demolished pretty much right after the boys woke up. ;] They were obviously fans. (I am still on my crazy diet so I just got to imagine what they tasted like. Womp wompppppp.)
For gifts we made chocolate coffee dippers, a family hand print picture, the cutest card ever & I ordered a photo album off of Snapfish full of pictures of Maddox & Bailey. :]
Oh and the boys wore matching "Daddy's Little Monster" shirts... Oliver refuses to smile for my pictures. He is not amused.

And now for some of our Father's Day pics!

Now.. more pictures!

A little over a week ago was Harry Potter Day at the library! Maddox went in costume of course. ;] Couldn't resist. He got so many compliments & had so many people taking pictures of him!

Some random scrapbook paper that I got to frame & decorate Maddox's room.... I got some to frame for Stella too!

Anddddd randoms:

One of my daisies bloomed!

Jekyll Island ♥

Maddox & I made some owls out of TP rolls the other day :]

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


pangaloon said...

Heloo sweet pea. Thanks for stopping by earlier and commenting on my blog. I adore your pictures, and that sweet mini Potter- soooo cute.
I love the owls, I did some of these a few weeks back, the children loved it.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

SUCH cute pictures!! I LOVE the Harry Potter day at the library pics!! How cute is that?! I am a TOTAL Harry Potter dork..obsessed does not even being to explain my excitement for the new one coming out