Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh man, it's one of those days...

My wonderful, beautiful, amazing son is driving me ABSOLUTELY INSANE TODAY. What is this crap about "terrible twos"?? Two was CAKE. So far, three has been one of the most stressful, trying times I've ever been through. I adore this child but OMG I am tired lately.

I need a new haircut & some fun projects to work on. And another beach day.

These are some of the projects I'm starting on soon (thanks Pinterest!):

Turning little toys into fun jewelry!
Somehow we have ended up with quite a collection of gumball machine junk toys.. sooo this will be happening. He won't even notice they are gone. haha.

Between the two of us we have quite a few cities we could do this with. I think it's adorable.

UM. Yes. I'm making this with St. Paul for Bailey & Syosset, NY for me. :) It would make a great anniversary gift since that is where we were living when we met.. buuuut our anniversary just passed in April. Maybe I'll make it for Father's Day?

I love this SO SO MUCH.
I'll be hitting the Re-Store soon because they always have junk window frames etc. I can't wait to have something similar above our bed!

And now I'm off to help Maddox make a snowman out of Play-Doh.


a said...

I totally love all of these things... and I really miss you!

Claire said...

I love that heart map picture!
Such a cute idea!