Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maddox makes me giggle.

I've been terrible at updating and I have SO MUCH to blog about! And when that happens, I tend to get a little overwhelmed & just keep putting it off. This will hopefully give me a little jump start!

I'm going to start documenting all the funny things that my son, Maddox, says here on my blog. I usually put them in a facebook status or text my family or just write them down, but I'm going to start putting them here so they'll be easy for me to find! So yes, it's mostly just for me. ;)

Right now it's 2:36am and Maddox just woke up and ran in here to climb in the recliner with me...

Maddox: Mama, I love you. I love you the mostest.
Me: Well, I love you even more than that.
Maddox: I love you.. BIG.
Me: I love you the BIGGEST.
Maddox: Yeah me too...
And then he passed out again. lol. ♥

In less adorable news, mine and my friend's phones got stolen last night... BY A CAB DRIVER.
I get a new one on Monday but it won't be the exact same phone since mine was a limited edition Star Wars phone and they aren't available at all anymore. :(

RIP R2-D2 Droid

Don't be jealous of my MS Paint skillz.

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Marilyn said...

Loving your blog.. Super cute... Officially following ya with smiles.. I'm Marilyn from and I would LOVE for you to stop in sometime.. TY.. Off to indulge in more of your posts.. :))