Thursday, July 7, 2011

Etsy Love: Star Wars Edition

I find myself surfing Etsy less lately. I blame Pinterest! (It's so damn addictive!!) And honestly, a TON of the stuff I find on Pinterest is from Etsy. Anyway, I decided to start doing occasional Etsy Love posts... basically a treasury that I don't stop halfway through like I usually do. ha.

What could be more perfect for my first post than my longest standing obsession?

(This is where you should start playing the Star Wars theme in your head)

Be still my heart! How awesome would these rings from spiffingjewelry be as wedding bands?? :D

Simple & it would match my tattoo ;]

I'm sure it takes forever but I reeeeeally want to make one for Maddox!!!

Now.. I do not have an iPhone BUT if I did, I would definitely have this. That being said....

I have a Droid. A limited edition Droid R2-D2 to be exact ;).. I adore my cute little squeaky phone. BUT for everyone else there is this:

Han Solo frozen in carbonite? Sad. Han Solo frozen in carbonite SOAP? Cute!

Yodamin Franklin! I want a wall of plates like this.

The Empire & Jedi posters are pretty bad ass too.

Both from recordsandstuff.
I've seen tutorials on how to make the bowls but I don't think I could bring myself to melt a record. I'd def pay someone else to do it. :D

There are several different planet prints in the shop. I wish there was one of Felucia!

I seriously squealed when I saw this. I am thinking family Halloween costumes. Maybe? :D

Darth Fader. I'd party with him.
I'll definitely be stitching this soon.

Best bad hair day cover-up ever?

Star Wars Starry Night!

And there's that. I'm sure I'll find more & make a part 2 post at some point!

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SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

those rings -would- be perfect wedding bands! they are totally hilarious. :)