Thursday, April 21, 2011

My favorites from this week!

I'm so internet-ADD so I'm going to start doing a weekly 'favorites' update. Here is my first!

1. A Button Monogram tutorial from Spearmint Baby!

I can't decide if I should make an M for Maddox's room or an R for our living room. Or both. Either way, it's a super cute gift idea for all the babies coming into my life!
EDIT: I just bought 100 mismatched buttons off of eBay. I hope that's enough. :D

2. Bedside Angel is a non-profit organization that my friend Jordan started along with his girlfriend and others. Their goal is to help children who suffer from long-term illnesses erase substantial hospital debt. Check out the store! They have some really cute, handmade jewelry! And it's for a good cause!

3. Picnic weather!!!!!

I've been scouting perfect picnic spots!

4. Amber Gray Photography

I have caught myself just staring at this photo so many times. That little pig & that hair!

5. Springtime Yarn Wreaths!

This one is from this shop on Etsy. I also love the wreath & tutorial from The Curious Pug. I want to make a springy-summery one for our door! Living in an apartment complex means that my yarn wreath won't get destroyed by rain! :D

6. This kid's birthday party!!

Found it at Corner House. Owls & a bed table!

7. These shoes!

Will I ever grow up?

8. Garlands Galore!

Tons of garlands from Bliss. I want / NEED them all over my house.

I think that's enough for now. I didn't even get to all of them but I feel like I've already gone overboard. haha. :D


Claire said...

Great finds!
I love that Button Monogram! So simple, yet effective!
Love Amber grays work!
And that picnic so looks lovely

Jenine said...


aprildawn said...

Lots of awesome stuff!!!! But I am thoroughly confused....YOU bought buttons and you're making something out of them?? LOL You've come a long way baby!!!