Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh womp womppppp. I hate making stupid posts like my last one. Lapse in judgement. I'm fine now. PMS PMS PMS.

There is a TON of snow on the ground in Athens!!!

This is pretty insane for Georgia. We have stomped through so much snow in the last two days. We also made some new friends! A guy got his car stuck on the ice by the entrance of our apartment complex so Bailey helped him get it out. His name is Will & his wife is Carrie & it turns out they have a daughter who is 3 (Ashlyn) and a 19 month old son (Tommy). So they came over to hang out. Several drinks later we were at their house having dinner. They're pretty rad.

Today Carrie came over and said she was going to attempt to drive to Taco Bell & asked if I wanted to go. Uh, of course. I'm a fatty.
It was an adventure.
We got stuck on ice in the complex (our neighborhood is impossible to get out of right now!) but got pulled out by a truck full of good ol' boys with a rope. (That's the best part of living in the south.. every time you get into trouble on the road there is always a truck full of dudes who are willing to help!)
We made it to Taco Bell.. and it was freaking closed so I called Bailey and he called the other Taco Bell and confirmed that they were open. LOL. I'm realizing how dumb and fat this really is as I'm typing this out.
We started to drive there & passed a man who was hitchhiking because his car got extremely stuck. Carrie's backseat had two carseats & he climbed right in. We had a 40-something year old man sitting in a car seat. lol. He was legit though & we took him home. He was so grateful & nice.
Finally got to Taco Bell & ordered! And then when we got back to our apartment complex we had to help another girl out of the ice. She had just gotten her license a couple of days ago & was driving in this crap!!! So I parked her car for her & she walked back to her apartment. hahaha

Definitely a FKU story.

Anyway, we're enjoying the snow. It's like another planet outside. :D


Hails said...

it's so interesting to read about areas of the country that normally don't get snow, dealing with it. Here in Chicago it's just another fucking day with this shit but for other people it's an adventure. Definitely a different way to view it and probably a more fun way ;)

ginnysaurusrex said...

Yeah it has been so interesting for everyone! We just aren't prepared for this kind of snow. Yall probably have more snow plows on one block than we have in the freaking state. lol.

Hails said...

seriously. there is so much salt on the ground, that everything is now white and your shoes will get ruined, no doubt. it's a double edged sword. haha

aprildawn said...

i can't even believe those pics!! i'm glad my little BFF is getting to experience the snow!! <3

i can't even believe that you went out driving/riding in that crap. GEORGIANS CAN'T DRIVE IN SNOW/ON ICE. behave!!!!!!!!!!! you make me worry. and yeah, i think that's prob a TOP FKU story! haha