Tuesday, October 26, 2010

moving. omg.

We are moving to Athens, GA on November 13th. AAAAHHHHH

We signed a 14 month lease on Sunday. Holy crap. I'm so nervous / excited. Happy / sad.

--We can not WAIT to get out of this god-awful town. Can't wait to be somewhere with culture and shit to DO, restaurants that aren't part of a shitty chain, live music everywhere, art everywhere, beautiful scenery, other young families all over the place, and just.. not a shitty military town in the middle of south GA.
--Casey & Galen both live there.. so Bailey and I will have a close sibling right there already.. And Maddox will get to know his aunt & uncle even better.
--There are young children all over our new neighborhood.
--I'll be working again!

--Leaving Mama & April and being 4 hours away. I know it's only 4 hours but now that I have a child, that seems like a million miles. I never minded being far away so much before. I'm going to miss Mama just dropping in randomly & Maddox yelling "MIMI!!!!" when he sees her car pull up outside.
--Not living RIGHT NEXT DOOR to April anymore. She is like, my built in best friend. :[ What am I going to do when I have a breakdown, or she has a breakdown, or I need some cornstarch or sugar or bacon or whatever I forgot to buy at the store?
--PAYING RENT AGAIN! Boo. That was the best part about living in a house that my Grandaddy built.
--As excited as I am to be working again.. I am not looking forward to missing Maddox all day. :[ I'm also terrified of putting him in preschool. He needs to be around other children more though.. I have to keep telling myself that.


We went up this past weekend to look at houses, duplexes, townhomes & apartments.
We ruled out houses & townhomes pretty fast because the houses we were seeing in our pricerange were pretty ghetto lol.. and having a giant steep staircase as a main part of a townhome doesn't seem like the best idea with my clumsy child running around never looking where he's going.
We ended up finding an apartment complex that we LOVE. It has a playground (which is seriously like a 30 second walk from our front door.. yesssss), a gorgeous pool, fitness room (which is where I will be taking my fat ass at least every other night), and some other crap. There are a ton of kids! That makes me so happy. I hope Maddox likes his new house.
OH AND, we will finally have a dining room again. No more eating at the coffee table together. LOL. I'm also looking forward to having counter space in my kitchen again! :D

Blurry as hell because Casey apparently couldn't handle our camera.

The playground! Our walkway is the next one over. It's so close. :]

Sooooooo yeahhhh... there's that.

And now for some more random pics. :]

My husband is SUCH A CREEP.

I want one.

I love fall. Now if it would just start feeling like fall outside and STAY that way, I'd be really happy.

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a said...

so happy for the changes coming your way, but also sad that another era is ending :( love you <3!