Wednesday, October 13, 2010

homeboy homeboy home home hoomeboy

An offer is being made on the property tomorrow... and if April accepts then we all have to be out of here in 30-45 days. Holy crap.
This is awesome & sad at the same time. And scary. BUT it has to happen & we all need to be out from under this.
Bailey and I contacted a few rental agencies tonight. Bailey will still be working here in Hinesville but we are looking for a place here [I would rather NOT live here anymore], in Richmond Hill [a little better], or Savannah [#1 choice]. We've seen a few promising, affordable places online. Fingers crossed that they are awesome in person.

I am NOT looking forward to the actual moving process again. We have so much CRAP to get rid of. I want to clean out & start over with as little as possible. I hoard a bit. I'm not like, show worthy lol.. but it still sucks how much CRAP I hold onto. So yeah, when we move I will be getting rid of a TON of shit. It makes me nervous AND excited.

And now for some Viking toddlers:

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call me back! I need to know what's happening!!!! <3