Wednesday, August 18, 2010

potty training & THINGS

A girl I know posted a link on her blog recently:


It's a Cesarean support website & I have been in tears going through it while Maddox naps. The artwork, the Cesarean Rage section, the C-section stories & VBAC stories.. all of it. A few months ago Bailey & I started talking about our next birth [not any time soon] & we both agreed that we don't want another hospital birthing experience. I can't do it again. We were lied to, terrified, pressured, and our emotions were used against us. I can't even get into it right now. Too much. I thought I'd want to write more about it right now but I don't think I can.


Today is Day 2 of the 3-day potty training method we're doing. It's been going incredibly well.
Yesterday we got up & I put big boy underwear on Maddox & explained to him that he doesn't pee in his diapers anymore, now he's a BIG BOY & has to use the potty. I reminded him all morning not to wet his new underwear and to keep them dry. He had an accident while he ate breakfast. One of the main things about this method is that you stay glued to them for 3 days straight.. Maddox usually plays by himself pretty well at random times during the day.. none of that during these 3 days. You stay right on top of them so that you catch them AS they start to have an accident & run them to the potty. Once they have already had an accident & then you sit them on the potty.. it doesn't really make sense to them. It just seems like a sort of punishment at that point.
SO, after his accident during breakfast, I put a new pair of underwear on him & explained once again that he has to tell mommy if he needs to go potty. He kept saying NO WAY. But every 2-3 minutes I would ask him "Do you need to go potty?" and usually got the same response from him... NO WAY. lol.
I kept giving him water or apple juice whenever he would ask for it.. that way you have more potty times to work with during the training process! And eventually I could tell that he was HOLDING it. He kept doing this little prancing around the room sort of thing and holding himself. He would pee a little & get really upset & then hold it again. We went through 7 pairs of underwear before he finally couldn't hold it any longer and let go in the potty. He looked terrified at first & then I started praising him & clapping & telling him it's ok. He was so happy & excited & then he got a cookie & a sticker. :D
THEN IT CLICKED. He got it. It was so exciting.
He peed in the potty 6 times after that with no accidents. He would tell me every time he had to pee & I totally picked up on every little signal that he had to go.
Bailey got home around 7:15pm & grabbed Maddox and hugged him and told him what a big boy he was and how proud he is etc.
Shortly after he got home, we could tell that he was uncomfortable & he was getting pretty cranky. I knew he had to poop because he usually goes early in the day.. so I was pretty sure he'd been holding it all day. He acted like he wanted to sit in the recliner with me & then he got up & acted like he was going to play with some toys.. so I asked if he had to go potty & he said yes soooo we went & he peed & then said OUCH and tried to get up so I helped him and realized he was POOPING.. so I immediately put him back on & said "You can poop in the potty" and HE DID.
He got a brand new Hot Wheels car for pooping. ;]

Last night went pretty well too. He had one accident before bed because he was falling asleep & peed. But other than that, he slept in his bed all night with big boy underwear on & woke up DRY. :]

I'm so proud. And SO ready for this. Tonight when Bailey gets home, we are packing up all of Maddox's diapers & giving them away.



jenamendola said...

Ginny. first of all, congrats on the poop in the potty.

second. this is completely random, but last semester i took a 'human sexuality' class. all we did was watch videos of laides pooping out kids. at the beginning of the class we were asked if we would ever do natural birth with midwife etc. and i said hell no there is no way i want my drugs yada yada yada.

by the end of the class we were asked again and i can't say that i would NEVER consider it. the video that convinced me of this??

Rikki Lakes documentary on hospital vs, natural birth.

yes, i saw rikki lake naked. and having babies. it was disturbing, to say the least.
but i learned a lot of about how women are lied to and pressured in the hospital. how they go in there with a plan and the doctors change their plans as they are in labor. and about how BAD pitocin is for a baby and how they only use it to speed up the birthing process which, in turn, makes the mother want more drugs etc etc.

you should watch it. it documents several different women's journeys through pregnancy and the different methods that you can choose,

the end.

ginnysaurusrex said...

Was it called 'The Business of Being Born'? Because I've seen it too. It broke my heart watching the part where they go step by step through the process of medical interventions that lead to c-sections.. pretty much exactly what I went through. :[
Next time will definitely be different. <3 thank you love.

jenamendola said...

i think it was that.. i just googled it.

its really fucked up. scary and shitty all rolled into one.