Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dinner schedule!

I have to start grocery shopping less than EVERY single week SO I sat down today and made our dinner schedule for the next TWO weeks instead of one.

Some of these are subject to change because I know we have plans on one or two of these days... but here goes:

THURSDAY: Taco Night.. because even though I love to cook, I like having a break one night a week ;] And it's so much easier to just made tacos after spending a couple hours at the grocery store with a toddler.


Divine Pasta Casserole

SATURDAY: We're celebrating my oldest nephew's 18th birthday!!! His birthday is actually TODAY but Saturday we're cooking a big dinner for the whole family. :]
April is making a Coca-Cola ham [yummmm] & peas & rice. I'm making Baked Mac & cheese, and my yummy mashed potatoes ;]. And Mama is making Banana Pudding! And I'm sure we'll make a big salad too.



Once again!!!
Told yall it was the new favorite. ;]


Chicken Stroganoff


Chinese Beef & Peppers


BLT Salad with Buttermilk Dressing
I've made this one before too but this time I'm going to use Clista's recipe for the croutons! :D


Red Pepper Egg-in-a-Hole
This looks fun! Breakfast for dinner with a twist!

FRIDAY: Mama Hudak's Tortellini Soup!! :D It won't be as good as hers I'm sure.. but I'm not willing to wait until December. haha ;]

SATURDAY: Chilaquiles again! And this time I won't almost set my house on fire.. hopefully. They were so delicious though.. I didn't even have to season them AT ALL. They were perfect!

SUNDAY: Million Dollar Spaghetti.. I'll have to post the recipe for this because everyone should be able to eat it. Freaking amazing. It's a recipe we got from our wonderful friend, Ursula. :]


Chicken & Avocado Soup

TUESDAY: Taco Night! ha!


Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas

And that's it!

I'm excited... and hungry after making this damn post.

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