Sunday, May 2, 2010


We started our third attempt at serious potty training today. This morning I had Maddox on the potty for 20 minutes & then he got down and we were running across the house to get a new diaper. As SOON as we got into his bedroom, he walked right over to our bedroom door & peed through the baby gate. >:[ On the carpet.
This is going to be funnnnnnn.

Oh well, I'm so ready to have him potty trained and I think that he is finally ready too. *fingers crossed* :D

Maddox will be 2 in four days. :]
We were planning on just getting him a cool swimming pool but we might go half & half on a swing set with April & Eric!

This Thursday we're going with my mom up to Athens to watch Casey graduate from the Grady School of Journalism at UGA!! Stoked!
Also, Casey is getting Maddox a UGA outfit so we can take his picture at Sanford Stadium & then we can take another one of him there at 18. <3 So cute. I love?

Ok, time to watch Party Down.

Diggin it. :]

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