Thursday, December 11, 2008

*eh oh*

Ok I'm trying this out. I have a livejournal and I've used it faithfully for the past like.. 6 years or something ridiculous. So I'll probably just x-post between these 2 until I decide which one I like better. :]

Right now my hair is in a towel and I'm being lazy about drying it because this is my quiet alone time.
Maddox is still next door asleep with his daddy [and I miss him]. And my grandma hasn't come out of her room yet this morning. Idk what that's about.

Ok now I'm going to find out who I know that posts on here. :]



Bohemia Momma said...

=D Welcome to the dark side! Ok, not really. I love blogspot except for one thing. You cannot reply to replies on your posts like LJ. You just post a reply and cross your fingers that said person comes back to check for a reply lol.

Byrne said...

Chalk one up. PS- I still have my LJ account... har har har